Tezzeret “requisitioned” the inventions of Kaladesh innovators, populating his unstoppable doom engine with amazing technology! Will… Jace… and Jace’s friends be able to… save the day? Alright, I’m gonna be honest with you, I didn’t read most of the Kaladesh articles. There was a teleporter, and Tezzeret was there. Then he fought… Chandra? Now people are revolting? Aether Revolt! Yeah! Let’s get this over with so we can get back to the man that matters: Nicol Bolas.

Friday, January 13th – Midnight

Saturday, January 14th – 10AM/3PM/8:00PM

Sunday, January 15th – 1PM/6PM

Our flights are $27 – play in a Friday or Saturday flight

and pay $10 for your Sunday flight!

Our flights are four rounds; prizes will be awarded to players thusly:

4-0 – 10 packs

3-0-1 – 7 packs

3-1 – 4 packs

2-1-1 – 2 packs

2-2 – 1 pack

We’ll also award door prizes! Every flight will have supply and sealed product prizes awarded randomly.