They said we were done with core sets – turns out that was stupid! Reprints aren’t as exciting as Wind Drake with a new name, but they’re necessary for Standard. I guess they’re not strictly reprints, though? We’re returning to Tarkir? Maybe they’ll reprint Rukh Egg!

July 6th – Midnight

July 7th – 10AM/3PM/8:00PM

July 8th – 1PM/6PM

Our flights are $27 – play in a Friday or Saturday flight

and pay $10 for your Sunday flight!

Our flights are four rounds; prizes will be awarded to players thusly:

4-0 – 10 packs

3-0-1 – 7 packs

3-1 – 4 packs

2-1-1 – 2 packs

2-2 – 1 pack

We’ll also award door prizes! Every round, one table will spin The Prize Wheel! You can win all sorts of stuff on the prize wheel, from rare packs to interesting Magic promotional items. Woah!