The Gatewatch suffered a total defeat on Amonkhet – fractured and demoralized, will they prevail on Dominaria? What has changed since we last saw the homeland of Liliana? Will they reprint Dark Ritual? Attend our prerelease and find out!

April 20th – Midnight

April 21st – 10AM/3PM/8:00PM

April 22nd – 1PM/6PM

Our flights are $27 – play in a Friday or Saturday flight

and pay $10 for your Sunday flight!

Preorder your box + 1st flight + LIMITED PROMO for $125* and get them all at the Prerelease!

Our flights are four rounds; prizes will be awarded to players thusly:

4-0 – 10 packs

3-0-1 – 7 packs

3-1 – 4 packs

2-1-1 – 2 packs

2-2 – 1 pack

We’ll also award door prizes! Every round, one Worthy table will spin The Prize Wheel! You can win all sorts of stuff on the prize wheel, from rare packs to interesting Magic promotional items. Woah!


*plus tax, while supplies last. trust me dude we don’t want to charge you tax but the man will come down on us if we don’t. come on dude you know we’re cool