This weekend (July 8-10, 2022), Double Masters hits and hits in a big way! Join the launch with the true format 2X2 is meant for: Drafts!

Receive a foil Bring to Light & Weathered Wayfarer promo for taking first or second place in any full-pod draft this weekend while supplies last! Drafts will fire following our usual prerelease schedule and so long as pods fill:

Friday: 3PM & 7PM. (Final cutoff 8:30 PM)

Saturday: 12:30PM & 5PM (Final cutoff 6:30 PM)

Sunday: 1PM (Final cutoff 6:30PM)

Entry per draft is $50.00 + tax. First place receives $50 store credit, both promos, and 1 prize wheel spin. Second place receives both promos and 2 prize wheel spins. Additionally, Round 1 in each draft will have a prize wheel spin for one lucky table. Prize wheel spins range from 1-4 Standard Packs, $4-10 Store Credit, and an enigma: The Mystery Wedge…