The foes of Innistrad have been revealed – innumerable! Those citizens who once worshipped at Avacyn’s altars now add their voices to the slow pulse of Emrakuls’ call. Mad angels indiscriminately slaughter at the behest of an ancient horror. The long-dead mingle with the freshly risen at Liliana’s call and join the fray! Is Nahiri’s vengeance complete? I sure hope Jace shows up to save the day again! And again! Forever!

Friday, July 15th – Midnight

Saturday, July 16th – 10AM/3PM/8:00PM

Sunday, July 17th – 1PM/6PM

Our flights are $27 – play in a Friday or Saturday flight and receive a $17 discount on your first Sunday flight!

Our flights are four rounds; prizes will be awarded to players thusly:

4-0 – 10 packs

3-0-1 – 7 packs

3-1 – 4 packs

2-1-1 – 2 packs

2-2 – 1 pack

We’ll also award door prizes! At the beginning of the first round of our Friday night flight and our Saturday flights, we’ll randomly give out one Oversized Oath with its’ corresponding foil. Every flight will have additional supply and sealed product prizes awarded randomly.

2016 06 24 prerelease oversized oath giveaway