The prerelease of Theros is approaching!  In the Theros block, you’ll have an opportunity to play with powerful God cards and the arcane relics they use to influence the mortal world.  Slay mythical creatures or summon them to do your bidding!  Prizes for the prerelease will include unique Hero cards, which you’ll use to defend Theros from the threat of the Hydra during Game Day!  If you think you have the power to compete against others vying for the power of the Gods, sign up for our prerelease event!

We’re pleased to announce that we ‘re offering the same stellar deal for this event that we’ve offered in previous prerelease events: $25 for your first flight and $20 for each additional flight!  If you preregister online through our site, we’ll guarantee you’ll receive the choice of your favored prerelease kit across all of your prepaid flights.  You’ll have the opportunity to select your preferred kit for each flight a week before the prerelease weekend starts, allowing you the maximum amount to time to figure out which kit is right for you!