Ixalan’s got a big secret thing in the middle of it! And there’s… a sphinx guy… who’s super important! I’m pretty sure Jace is there, too. And, uh, Vraska fights him, or something. Or maybe they both fight a Minotaur guy! I’m not caught up on the lore. But I know there’s more dinosaurs! They get a rampant growth, I think. Will any card in this set matter for Standard? Show up to our Prerelease and let me know if you think so!

January 12th – Midnight

January 13th – 10AM/3PM/8:00PM

January 14th – 1PM/6PM

Our flights are $27 – play in a Friday or Saturday flight

and pay $10 for your Sunday flight!

Our flights are four rounds; prizes will be awarded to players thusly:

4-0 – 10 packs

3-0-1 – 7 packs

3-1 – 4 packs

2-1-1 – 2 packs

2-2 – 1 pack

We’ll also award door prizes! Every round, one Worthy table will spin The Prize Wheel! You can win all sorts of stuff on the prize wheel, from rare packs to interesting Magic promotional items. Woah!