Steam Siege – prepare for the new world!

Two types in one! Cunning trainers will utilize dual-type Pokemon to surprise others and achieve victory! Long years of stability come to an end when Shiny Mega Gardevoir-EX lays siege to the mighty Gear Palace with a host of greedy forces. The Mythical Steam Pokémon Volcanion must wield the dual powers of fire and water to stop them!

Where: Super Games, Inc.

When: July 24th, 2016

Registration: 3:00 PM to 3:45 PM

Start time: 4:00 PM

Entry fee: $30

Format: Players will use 4 Booster Packs of Pokémon XY Steam Siege plus an “evolution pack” to build a 40 Card deck. Basic Energy Cards will be provided. Players will play 3 rounds using this deck. Each player will receive an exclusive promo!

Prizes: Players will receive a Steam Siege promo card while supplies last. At the conclusion of the event, players will receive an additional 3 packs of Steam Siege.

Attendance for this event is limited to sixty-four entrants! Ensure you grab a slot by showing up early.