Join us this weekend for the Lord Of The Rings: Tales Of Middle Earth Prerelease events!

Friday, June 16: 3PM & 7:30PM

Saturday, June 17: 12:30 PM & 5PM

Sunday, June 18: 12:30PM & 5PM

All flights are run as 3 rounds of Swiss (plus deckbuilding round). Participation in all 3 rounds will also reward you with a Magic 30th Anniversary Promo, randomized and individually selected by rank, which include:

  • Acidic Slime (2009)
  • Terastodon (2010)
  • Tarmogoyf (in Japanese, 2007), only 1 available per flight
  • Glen Elendra Archmage (2008), only 1 available per flight

Additional Set Boosters awarded per round win, in addition to bonuses per round provided by the Prize Wheel! Entry is $39.99 per flight. Please have the Magic Companion App downloaded on your mobile device for registration!