Vanquish your enemies!

If you’re confident with your standard deck, come to Super Games to do battle for our Theros Game Day event on October 19th!  It  costs $5 to enter and each participant receives a full-art promo with additional prizes awarded to the top 8 finishers.  Registration starts at noon and the tournament begins at 1PM.  The winner of Game Day is awarded a special Champion Playmat only given out at this event!

Defeat the Hydra!

Don’t think that you’ve won even if you’re a champion, though.  The path of a champion is fraught with danger and on this day you have encountered the Hydra!  Battle against a Super Games employee wielding the Hydra deck, but be sure to enlist the help of your friends!  You’ll need it to withstand the effects of the cards pictured below…
That sucker's got eight heads!