Dreamhack Dallas is fast approaching (May 31 – June 2, 2024), and here’s your chance to qualify! Join us on Sunday, March 3rd 2024 for your chance at winning the 1-slot available!

Important information for this event:
Date/Time: Sunday, March 3rd; Doors open at 9am, Round 1 starts at 10am.
Format: Standard (Swiss rounds with top cut), Decklists are required.
Entry: $30 capped at 64 players. (Link for pre-registration is located below, “The Reserve List” will be available day of event as a waiting list for no-shows / cancellations.)

Prize Structure: Check out these Promos!

Winner: $300 cash, 3-Day badge and qualification for Dreamhack Dallas, Foil & Nonfoil “Expressive Iteration” Promos + Nonfoil “Explore” Promo
Runner-Up: $200 Store Credit, Nonfoil “Expressive Iteration” Promo + Nonfoil “Explore”
3rd/4th: $100 Store Credit, Nonfoil “Expressive Iteration” Promo + Nonfoil “Explore”
5th through 8th: $75 Store Credit, Nonfoil “Expressive Iteration” Promo + Nonfoil “Explore”
9th through 32nd: Nonfoil “Explore” Promo

Pre-register here: Super Games Tournament Registration RCQ 6
Please read all information within the item before registering!

Decklists: MTG Constructed Decklist PDF

As always: In the event of cancellations or no-call/no-shows on the day of the event, some slots may become available. The Reserve List will be on a first come-first served basis and is subject to availability based on cancellations & no-call/no-shows. CANCELLATIONS/REFUNDS WILL ONLY BE ACCEPTED UNTIL THE START OF THE EVENT ON 3/3/24 AT 10AM EST. Please call us at 770-518-4888 if you have registered and are no longer able to attend. Unpaid registrations are cancelled at the end of each day.